Faculty of Economics and Management
Bachelor in Economics and Management
Bachelor in Economics and Social Sciences
Bachelor in Tourism, Sport and Event Management
Master in Economics and Management of the Public Sector
Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation
Master 1st level in "Hospitality Management" (Executive Master)
PHD Programme in Management and Economics on Organizational and Institutional Outliers

Faculty of Education
Bachelor for Social Education
Bachelor in Communication Sciences and Culture
Bachelor in Social Work
Exceptional qualifying course for teachers - German section
Exceptional qualifying course for teachers - Ladin section
Master in Innovation and Research for Social Work and Social Education
PhD Programme in "General Pedagogy, Social Pedagogy and General Education"
Teacher Training on Content and Language Integrated Learning
5 year master degree in Primary Education - German section
5 year master degree in Primary Education - Italian section
5 year master degree in Primary Education - Ladin section

Faculty of Computer Science
Bachelor in Computer Science and Engineering
European Master's Program in Computational Logic (EMCL)
Master in Computer Science
PhD Programme in Computer Science

Faculty of Design and Art
Bachelor in Design and Art

Faculty of Science and Technology
Bachelor in Agricultural and Agro-Environmental Sciences
Bachelor in Industrial and Mechanical Engineering
Master in Energy Engineering
Master in Environmental Management of Mountain Areas
Master in International Horticulture Science
Master 2nd level "Building Energy Performance. Design, Optimization and Service - CasaClima"
PhD Programme in Mountain Environment and Agriculture
PhD Programme in Sustainable Energy and Technologies